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“Winners make a habit of manufacturing their own positive expectations in advance of the event” -Brian Tracy

The Manufacturing facility of VNAI is set up in Chandrapadiya Village, Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh. It is well connected by road on the Nellore-Mumbai Highway. The industry was set up in the year 2006, with an area measuring more than 35 acres. Presently, 15 acres of land is dedicated to Industrial usage with well-developed infrastructure.

The production blocks maintain a clean and hygienic manufacturing area under controlled environmental conditions with the final products manufactured under Class 100,000 in hygienic rooms and in compliance to the norms set by the World Health Organisation on Good Manufacturing Practices.

The Manufacturing facility is equipped with the following

  • Glass Lined and Stainless Steel Reactors
  • Driers, Centrifuges, Blenders and Millers
  • ANFDs
  • Nitrogen Generation Plant
  • Water Plant
  • Brine Chiller
  • Once through AHU systems
  • 100 percent power backup system
  • Dedicated Ventilation Systems for process areas
  • Dedicated AHUs for Powder Processing Areas
  • Purified Water Distribution loop with user points
Production block-1 Production block-2
Equipments Capacity Equipments Capacity
Glass lined reactor 12 Glass lined reactor 7
SS reactors 25 SS reactors 12
SS reactor Capacity Min -1.0 KL to Max -10 KL SS reactor Capacity Min -3.0 KL to Max -8 KL
GLR reactor Capacity Min -0.5 KL to Max -8.0 KL GLR reactor Capacity Min -2.0KL to Max -10 KL
Total Capacity 177.6 KL Total capacity 124.6 Kl
Dryers types 3.0 KL
RCVD Min -0.5 KL to Max -1.0 KL Clean Rooms 4 No’s
Tray dryer 48 to 96 trays
Clean Room 2 No’s
Total reactors-56 Nos
Clean Room -6
Total Capacity – 299.2 KL

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